Teeth Whitening

How will people remember your smile? 

We specialize in professional teeth whitening, ensuring that your smile reflects your personality!

Our basic 1 and a half hour treatment will ensure that you receive dramatic results in the shortest possible time period.  This treatment is sufficient for most people and offers exceptional value for money.

View this video to see exactly what you can expect:Teeth Whitening

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  • The procedure is done by a Dentist or Oral Hygienist
  • No messy DIY kits
  • Only takes 1 and a half hour
  • Dramatic results
  • Be remembered for your beautiful smile!

Teeth Whitening  – Now Only R 2 500*

*(Does not include the pre-cleaning treatment and post-cleaning fluoride treatment. Does not include the “At-Home Professional Maintenance Kit” and custom-made trays)